Let it happen

There, where is delicate silence’s hive, there is magical hive of peace and rest. Do you wonder what to tell about us, what would you show or what memorable and beautiful traditional culture and a tradition landscape experiences would you like to offer for your guests?
Kanttura story table is written in Kalevala style from our ancestor’s country. Fascinating destination itself introduces guests, near or far, in old Finnish lifestyle, history, population and scenery. Kanttura offers naturally beautiful and intimate surrounding with experience of memorable event.

– Meetings, courses, parties and celebrations
– Accommodation for 30 people in summertime (May-September) and for 15 people in wintertime (October-April)
– Homey restaurant from order to 15 people
– Two log saunas on the beatch, smaller one for 4 people and bigger one for 12 people
– Kivipesä – outdoor kitchen and shed with fireplace for idyllic get-together
– Johannes’ stairs – viewpoint and theatre stage, public gallery for 100 people
– Scenery path thru out an agent camping place of Laplander
– Swimming and fishing possibility thru out the year
– Versatile opportunities making food, for example smoke place made of log
– Several old houses made of log for accommodation and place for teamwork.

Ask for more, ask for offer

Kanttura offers courageous setting for 2-30 people gathering together and honourable Kalevala scene for even bigger summertime celebrations!

Philosophy of Kanttura

This was meant to be, because everything happens if you let it happen. You need no exploit or the series of action. This was meant and this is how it happen:

About seven years ago wondered exhausted walker to the big flow, rested there, sits on the rock and let the place fall over himself. Was he there to meet someone or was he only passing thru, or even both? But he stayed and settled down, still missing experiences of encounter in his journey. Human he is, very good human because he finished what he started. He found peace of mind at the shore and richness of the mind from the hills. Good he was, made sauna for survive the winters. Once was asked who he was, where was he from and where was he to go? Image of all outlined from the ground. On the ground was man’s memory, man’s journey and man’s work. Searces for truth – screamed and asked until he heard it. Journey itself is the meaning because human is me – and me is way, truth and life. Worked and acted all days long until he wrote an invitation and let it flow down to the stream. River took the knowledge, carried and passed on the message all the way to the sea and every corner from the Earth. Human, me. Way, truth and life. Come and rendezvous!

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